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    Allocations of donations to projects are proposed by the ╔cole Polytechnique Steering Committee to the Board of Directors of the three legal structures running the Campaign. The Boards make their decisions every half-year according to progress with projects. In 2008 and for the first half-year 2009, the Board of Directors of the Foundation approved a total of 347 k€, the Board of the British trust a total of 460 k€ and the Board of the American "Friends of" a total of 418 k€.

    Action taken in 2008 as a result of the Campaign:

    Theme 1 - Research

    • Attractiveness Fund: recruitment of Luca Perfetti, professor of physics.
    • Strengthening of the I.T. laboratory research team with post-doctoral students.
    • Creation of an Innovation Prize to encourage researchers at the ╔cole to develop their research into industrial applications. The first prize-winners are Samir Zard (chemistry), winner of the Patent category, and Albert Meige (Physics), winner of the Start-up category.
    • Support for the maturation of patents, also out of a concern to develop research (3 projects supported in 2008).

    Theme 2 - Graduate School

    • Masters: Allocation of 3 excellence scholarships (10,000 €) and 5 Social Fund grants (6,000 € a year) to 8 students from the following countries: Algeria, Bolivia, France, Senegal, Portugal, Rumania and Taiwan.
    • Doctorates: Allocation of 3 doctoral student excellence scholarships for theses in the following disciplines: micro and nanotechnology; molecular chemistry; fusion.
    • Establishment of a fund to support the international mobility of doctoral students.

    Theme 3 - International

    • Creation of 2 excellence scholarships to attract brilliant foreign students to the Polytechnique course. These scholarships were not allocated in 2008 and were carried forward into 2009.
    • Allocation of 17 excellence scholarships to brilliant foreign students (from undergraduate level to Master's and Doctorate level) spending a few months of the summer and autumn 2008 in the ╔cole's research laboratories.
    • Annual Fund support of 800,000 € for international Voie 2 students. This support allows them to receive a grant for their living expenses in the same way as French students.
    • Annual Fund support of 200,000 € to help French students who wish to spend their 4th year abroad.

    Theme 4 - Equal Opportunities

    • Allocation of 13 grants to students from social openness programs who are entering higher scientific education courses.