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A campus as multicultural as the society in which it operates

Increasing the Internationalization of the ╔cole

The ╔cole's international influence is based on its ability to attract high-quality international students, teachers and researchers.
This attractiveness concerns the Polytechnique course, the Masters and the Doctorate.

The ╔cole has consolidated its relations with the United States and Europe and has developed new partnerships with emerging countries such as Brazil and China. It now has over 150 partnerships.

The ╔cole now intends to invest in countries such as India, Russia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

To implement this international influence, the Campaign will finance:
  • 7 excellence scholarships a year for foreign students on the engineering course, at a more attractive level than those currently awarded by the Foundation.
  • 10 excellence scholarships a year for foreign students on the Masters programs.
  • 15 international exchange scholarships a year for foreign students spending 6 months in one of the ╔cole's research laboratories.
  • The ╔cole's international promotion via the setting-up of a network of foreign contacts in universities in the target countries, the creation of communication tools and the introduction of "Prizes" for brilliant students in certain target countries.