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Inauguration of the Jean Marjoulet Professoral Chair

On June 2, 2010

Through the framework of its Fundraising Campaign, the École Polytechnique creates the "Jean Marjoulet" Professoral Chair, thanks to a generous donation by Hugues Lepic (X84).

Jean Marjoulet - X 1919This chair allows the École Polytechnique to grant the title of "Professor of the Marjoulet Chair" to a young professor under 40 years of age, recently recruited and teaching full time at the École Polytechnique in one of its fields of excellence. He or she may use the funds to be allocated within his or her current position.

The chair is held for a period of three years, renewable once. For each renewal, an appeal for nominations is sent out to all departments who recently recruited new professors.

This year, the honor went to Vincent Bansaye, professor at the Ecole Polytechnique. His recruitment will reinforce the theme of biological modeling, developed at the Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP), and will give him and his work even greater visibility. Sylvie Méléard, a researcher at the CMAP, is actually developing a new activity which is extremely promising and significant, in mathematics applied to modeling of biology and population dynamics. This activity was concretized by the recent formation of an education and research chair with Véolia and the Museum of Natural History.
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